3 Apricot, Each 32 FL oz. for $7.99
3 Apricot, Each 32 FL oz. for $7.99
3 Apricot, Each 32 FL oz. for $7.99
3 Apricot, Each 32 FL oz. for $7.99
3 Apricot, Each 32 FL oz. for $7.99
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3 Apricot, Each 32 FL oz. for $7.99


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    • Organic & pure Apricot + single strength pulp
    • Cold-pressed 100% pure juice (not concentrated)
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • No added sugar or water
    • Free from Gluten & GMO
    • Zero flavoring, coloring, & preservatives
    • Dairy-free, soy-free
    • Excellent source of Vitamin A, C, K + organic acids
    • Rich in fiber content & flavonoids

    Experience the delicious taste and health benefits of apricots effortlessly with Georgia's Natural Cold-Pressed Apricot Juice - easy to drink while on-the-go or for a fresh start to each morning before work.

    Nutrient-Rich Apricot
    With its rich fiber content and mixture of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and various organic acids, this cold-pressed apricot juice allows you to keep on top of your overall health and wellbeing with its numerous benefits. This highly nutritious fruit is also low in calories and offers excellent hydration for your body.

    Free From Gluten & GMO
    Our organic juice is manufactured in a way that lets us utilize all of the fruit's benefits while retaining its natural flavor without the addition of GMO, gluten, flavoring, coloring, and preservatives. We've also left out any added sugar or water to ensure the most natural experience for our customers. In that sense, it's as if you're drinking freshly squeezed apricots without any additives!

    Various Health Benefits
    Your skin, eyes, digestion, aging, and more can benefit from apricots. With consistent intake, it may help boost the quality of your skin, promote gut health, promote optimal eye health for vision, and it may even protect your liver. Those struggling with any health issues related to these areas can test out this tasty juice as a natural alternative to potentially harmful medicines.

    Reduce Inflammation
    With pure apricot juice, you're also protecting your body against inflammation, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease with its rich content of flavonoids. These unique antioxidants include quercetic, chlorogenic acids, and catechin, among others, that optimize your immune system for excellent health. This cold-pressed juice is your "apricot a day to keep the doctor away!"

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